Hi, I'm Chris

and I create websites that are...

  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant
  • Responsive
  • Well Coded
About Me
I am an ex-developer turned student located in Surrey, England. I have developed a ton of projects both privately and for work, now i'm studying AI & Robotics at university, trying to make ends meet.

Here’s where my websites excel.

Website Design that withstands the test of time
My clients always come back to say...

"How easy it is to use and navigate through the website" - Many of their clients are not so technically literate and therefore a website that’s easy on their eyes and can be navigated logically makes all the difference.

I offer bespoke websites, built to your requirments. If you want to use wordpress, any other CMS or just a fully developed website from the ground up in HTML, CSS and JS. I am your man!
Contact Me
If you're still unsure on what you need on your website, or wish to talk about having your website developed. Feel free to contact me! I'm always up for a chat and love to sit down with a client and create a scope together.

Email me
Call me
If your requirements are beyond my capabilities!

I am not ashamed to admit defeat if it ensures your website is developed by the right person. If I feel that your bespoke website would be too much for me, I would happily suggest other developers to use. I would even speak to them on your behalf, allowing you to bypass all the tech talk.

Recent Work
I believe my work speaks for itself. Browse my most recent projects below.
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